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Welcome, Spiritual Seekers!

The purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life.

As Soul, you have the God-knowledge within you. The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart.

The road to God is the adventure of a lifetime.

With spiritual blessings,
—Harold Klemp
Spiritual Leader of Eckankar

Benefits of Advanced Spiritual Study

  • Explore past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel
  • Find the spiritual lessons behind every experience
  • Grow and share experiences with
    like-minded people
  • Master spiritual tools to make your life better
  • Accelerate your spiritual growth

If you have questions, you can call Membership Services
at (952) 380-2222.

Advanced Spiritual Study Membership Invitation

  • One-year Advanced Spiritual Study - Take the next step on your spiritual journey. Study at home or in a class.
  • Initiations – Climb the stairway to spiritual freedom through the ECK initiations, the direct link between Soul and Divine Spirit.
  • ECK Activities – ECK Worship Services, introductory presentations, book discussion classes, seminars, spiritual fellowship.

To learn more about Eckankar membership or to become a member:

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When you're ready for something more durable than philosophy, metaphysics, or orthodox religion, then you're ready for the knowledge that grants love, wisdom, and spiritual freedom.

These three qualities are available through the teachings of ECK…. You are welcome to join this most grand journey to your Creator.

—Harold Klemp