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Eckankar Members Experience the ECK

“I’m an artist and find infinite inspiration during my spiritual exercises every morning. I see shapes, colors, patterns, how to solve composition problems and experience a feeling of lightness and joy.

I was introduced to the word “HU” and that is what I use for my spiritual exercises. I’m always amazed at how much smoother my life unfolds as a result of singing this “Love Song to God.”

~ D.S., Boise

“When I was five years old, my mother watched me march up and down the back yard. Finally she asked me what I was doing. I simply told her in no uncertain terms that I was practicing to be a wanderer. So thereafter, I wandered the high mountains and streams, the beaches and surf, the places in my dreams… I was always chasing that elusive sound that I could hear or the light that I would catch a glimpse of and could never explain. I knew this sound and light had a very special meaning, because it always brought me comfort and protection.

When I was in my early 20s, the path of Eckankar was handed to me by a homeless person living in an old log mill site cabin where I had free pasture for my horse. My life changed from that moment on – from being a wanderer in search of truth to being a seeker of knowledge." read more...

~ L.M., New Meadows

“Eckankar is a lifeline. Imagine you’re floating in the ocean with a rapidly deflating life-vest. There’s nothing around as far as the eyes can see. Desolate, alone, depressed and anxious, you fight to stay afloat. Survival instinct kicks in. There has got to be a better way to live. That’s when I found Eckankar. It’s through the continued practice of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK that I find life to be worth living. I am not alone as the Mahanta (Inner Master) is with me. My depression is lifted, my heart is lighter, my mind clearer and my senses are cleaner. Eckankar is the sustenance that makes life worth living.”

~ K.V.H., Boise

Take the Next Step

There are many ways to learn more about Eckankar, each designed to suit your personal schedule, interests, and needs:

  • HU is an ancient name for God. Singing HU is a pure prayer and helps bring us into harmony with the love, guidance and protection of divine love. You are welcome to join us at a Sound of Soul event to experience singing HU and the ECK community.  learn more...
  • Join us at an ECK Light and Sound Service where you can hear inspirational talks and experience a Spiritual Exercise of ECK.
    learn more...
  • Advanced Spiritual Study. With membership in Eckankar, you’ll receive a powerful study plan that unlocks the wisdom inside you. Classes are also available for studying with others. If you would like to visit a class, contact Annie Jedlick at 208-506-7961. learn more…